Jun 14, 2016


Many people tend to understand that The tour leader must speak many languages. “Go to which country you have to speak that language” but the truth is not at all. Actually, the tour leader needs to speak only 3 languages. Can you guess what language is there?


1. English language:

Although today, Chinese and Spanish are the most used languages ​​in the world. But English is also very important Especially for tour leaders Because English is still the universal language of the world That almost all countries accept And used in business dealings, communication and research Whether it is a book Or various articles on the internet Which mostly are all in English language

And one day, if you have to go to a country where they don’t use English as their primary language? Even so Staff at the airport, leading hotels or other agencies related to tourists. Must speak some English Even if you can’t speak in a sentence But it can be spoken in words and more importantly, many signs will always have English and local language To talk about nothing But at least still be able to read from the sign

Another advantage of the English language is that The use of Roman characters Also known as the Latin alphabet Even if you go to a non-English country But you still read And enough to be able to guess his language Those languages ​​are (1) Germanic language groups such as German, Dutch and Swedish and (2) Romance language groups such as French, Spanish and Italian etc. Next time to visit these countries, don’t forget to test yourself. Whether the reader knows the truth

If you are not focusing on being a tour leader in a particular country, such as a true tour leader in Japan, I suggest that you focus on learning English better. Then you will open the world And your work will be much easier, no matter how many times

Another thing you can’t forget is that you will definitely find customers with good knowledge. Then if you yourself are not pursuing knowledge If you don’t develop yourself or practice a language, then you have to come back and ask yourself if How to become a Tour Leader? Leader means ‘leader’. If it is you Would not want people without knowledge to bring you, right?


2. Thai language:

Don’t think that the Thai language is easy. Being a tour leader Many times you need to use Thai language that is reasonably formal. Sometimes you have to translate And explain various content To many people Your pronunciation is not clear in Thai. And having to talk for a long time will annoy the listener And do not care what you say in the end Another thing you have to be careful about is choosing words that are used. Especially when you explain history Many times you need to tell the royal story. The use of proper and appropriate royal words is important. You shouldn’t use too much. Until no one listens to your story In addition, the use of positive language and vocabulary Try to avoid the word “no” by using other words that have the same meaning instead. In order to sound soft and well-mannered


3. Language of people:

Honestly, this language is difficult to teach. I have met a tour leader, with a very good history, advanced education, and a teaching instructor at the university. But when I ask him something He never answers straight to the question. It’s like hovering but doesn’t get to the point. So I would like to leave a little bit about how this language may seem. But the truth is the most difficult


Of course, speaking 3 or more languages ​​is a good thing. The more you speak many languages You will have more ways to learn. And have more opportunities as well