Nov 10, 2017

เที่ยว 5 แหล่งมรดกโลกมาเก๊า

Macau, aside from being a source of cass Already famous It is also a place with many world heritage sites such as temples Or various neighborhoods The surrounding Macau is full of Architecture that combines Chinese and Portuguese Suitable for a walk, take pictures, upload to social media, show off for others

Today, B-Line has compiled 5 tourist attractions that are interesting to you. Everyone has to go to Macau together.

1. A-Ma Temple

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Ama Temple has worship spots for praying for each pattern which will be on the hill. Walking up the stairs On each floor there will be shrines , pavilions, ancient gates, various sacred objects to ask for the architecture of the temple. It is in ancient Chinese style. Therefore making people very popular Pay respect and visit different areas Of this Ama temple

Chinese New Year celebrations at A-Ma Temple (Macau)

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2. Kun Iam Temple

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Macau’s largest and oldest temple has been built since the 15th century. Quan Yin Bodhisattva Which when walking through the main gate In front of the temple, will see the image The Lahore Ja Sangkat first things first, there is a special place. Regardless of standing from any angle , you will be able to see his eyes. Look at where we stand by the time

Then worship the statue The Four Angkor Wat Phra Chao Phra Nakhon District are located next to each other, which serves to protect and protect. From various dangers from all 4 north-south falls before walking into the main hall or Guide Hall of Bodhisattva Guan side in.


3. Na Tcha Temple

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In the year 1888 there was an outbreak of bubonic plague throughout Macau. Villagers built temples. Was dedicated to the goddess Jaja or Na Chata Tue to help protect and love To prevent various illnesses from occurring


4. Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

Built during the year 1602, completed in the year. Designed in 1637 by the Italian Jesuit Church, with the help of the Japanese Christian, a large Catholic church. The most at that time.

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In the year 1835 a new fire sparks violent destruction, aka. The church was completely destroyed. After that, there was a restoration . Sam was built in the rear area. The remains of the church door to be a pin Religious museums collected Painting and equipment used in Religious ceremonies  For tourists to visit

5. Senado Square

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The popular district of Macau There is a prominent fountain in the center of the square for a long time in the city ​​center. Portuguese-style cuisine blended with Chinese culture, including the famous egg tart shop Still not far from this area as well

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