Jul 12, 2016

9 สุดยอดช้อปปิ้งเอาท์เลทในยุโรป

For many people Tourism and shopping are paired together. And places that Thai people go shopping the most, not allergic to Japan Europe is not enough
The reason people tend to Thailand for shopping in Europe there are many reasons. But the main thing is the price. In addition to buying goods in the original country, there will be a chance to get cheaper items. Can also do a Tax Refund up to 20% as well (depending on the country of purchase) for shoppers who want good quality, attractive price Go shopping at the outlets is an alternative to the B line suggested
Outlet is?The outlet is the source of authentic brand-name products that are comparable to the quality of normal boutiques, but the outlet will be sold at a reduced price of 60% in the city, and another specialty is that each outlet has Brand of that country The outlet in other countries do not exist as well. Let’s see. Where are the top 9 outlets in Europe?

1. Bicester Village – Bicester Village, England

Location: 30 minutes from Oxford and 1 hour 30 minutes from London
Recommended brands: starting with British fashion brands Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Ted Baker, Dunhill, AllSaints and Superdry, followed by Mulberry Bags with Cath Kidston and Clark’s shoes are indispensable.

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2. La Vallee Village – La Vallee Village, France

Location: 35 minutes from Paris and just 5 minutes from Disneyland Paris
Recommended brands: top high-end fashion brands like Celine, Givenchy, Kenzo, Moncler and Longchamp, followed by Lacoste Sport clothing and finish with beautiful leather shoes. Comfortable fit in the style of Repetto ballet shoes.

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3. Las Rozas Village – Las Rosas Village, Spain

Location: 30 minutes from Madrid
Recommended brands: debut with quality leather like Loewe, Lottusse (shoes) and LUPO Barcelona (bags) to clothing like Adolfo Dominguez and teen clothing like Desigual
and finally, indispensable. For football fans, it is the Real Madrid Official Store.

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4. La Roca Village – La Roca Village, Spain

Location: 45 minutes from Barcelona
Recommended brands: Barcelona Designers’ Collective (Pop-up Store) is a shop that combines the work of young designers. The aim is to give the talented talented designer the opportunity to have a show area. And put up for sale This shop is a temporary shop. Will only be available from 22 June to 21 August 2016 The shops of seniors like Loewe, LUPO and Bimbay Lola are also available.

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5. Fidenza Village – Fidenza Village, Italy

Location: About 1 hour from Milan and Modena (Ferrari Museum)
Recommended brands: near the Ferrari Museum, there is also a Ferrari Store, along with Italian fashion brands. Many more authentic brands to choose from. From neat outfits from Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna and Marni to fashionista like Missoni, Pinko, Furla, Dolce & Gabbana, Red Valentino and Versace etc.

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6. Ingolstadt Village – Ingolstadt Village, Germany

Travel: 45 minutes from Munich
Recommended brands: Indispensable are high-quality leather bags from Germany such as Aigner and Liebeskind Berlin, followed by the neat fabric of Hugo Boss, for both men and women. Germany is also famous for sports clothes as well. And the last recommended brand is the Bogner. Indispensable are comfortable sandals from Birkenstock.

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7. Wertheim Village – Vietham Village, Germany

Location: 45 minutes from Frankfurt
Recommended brands: There are quite a few famous brands from Germany. Such as the most popular brands like Adidas Porsche Design and Jack Wolfskin, as well as clothing brands such as Brax, Joop ! Hallhuber and Drykorn, leather bag brands like Marc Picard and Möve beautiful bathroom design brands. Such as Aigner, Birkenstock, Hugo Boss and Liebeskind Berlin. There are no less here at Ingolstadt Village.

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8. Kildare Village – Kildare Village, Ireland

Location: 1 hour from Dublin
Recommended brands: For Ireland, Louise Kennedy is considered the most outstanding fashion designer at this time. In addition, the outlet here also has a lot of British brands to choose from, for example
Lulu Guinness, Jack Wills, Hackett, and Reiss.

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9. Maasmechelen Village – Maasmechelen Village, Belgium

Location: Northeast of Belgium Adjacent to the Netherlands border
Recommended brands: Kipling monkey bagsDemeyere utensils and baby utensils from Noukie’s are all famous brands in Belgium that are recognized in this outlet. Brands from other countries will include UGG Australia, Michael Kors and Nike, for example.

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Do not really miss for those who love shopping. There are many brands to choose from. Really worth the visit Most locations are routes that tourists must pass from one city to another city already. Therefore making it a relaxing stopover for traveling or eating food and coffee. Chic
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