Oct 16, 2017

7 ข้อสงสัยก่อนไปล่าแสงเหนือ

Everyone has heard about the northern lights. And have seen from various photos Or in many video clips Until making many people want to experience the true northern lights once And there are many doubts about deciding to hunt for the northern lights Today we have the opportunity to answer questions and clear various questions.

1. Have you seen it?

Having said that, the northern lights are a natural phenomenon To see or not Depending on many factors such as weather, if the sky is open and cloudy, it can be seen. But there is another factor which is If that day the weather is pleasant but there is no solar wind passing through the world, then there may not be a chance to see it. There is also an indicator of northern lights, also called the Kp index (Kp index is the measure of the vibrations of the Earth’s magnetic field. Affecting the explosion of the sun’s surface With scales from 0 – 9, which in Iceland has the opportunity to see 3 levels, Kp 0 – 3)

Therefore, whether we can see the northern lights or not Have to wait and see the weather forecast and solar forecast as well There is nothing to confirm that we will see 100% of each visit.

2. Which opportunity is the most visible?

If talking about the time period There is a northern light in Iceland all year. But it depends on the weather as well For Iceland, the days and nights are not the same according to the season. If going to the cold season (during October – March) there will be nights that are much longer than the day. Especially during December, there will be a night lasting about 20 hours. If you want to hunt for the northern lights only, then recommend to go during the cold season.

In Iceland’s summer, there are longer days, which can be as long as 20 hours. During this period, the weather is mild. Suitable for visiting the atmosphere of Iceland. But if going to hunt for the northern lights during this period, then can go But seeing the northern lights is much harder than during the cold season If you see it, this is a very special bonus.

3. Where are the northern lights?

The ideal time to hunt for the northern lights is not too cold. Recommend to visit during October – March because the night is longer than the day and the weather is good.

4. Which countries will be seen

Photo via:  youtube.com

Aside from Iceland, we also travel to hunt for the northern lights to 9 countries, most of which are visible in Europe. But there are some parts that were born in North America Starting from Europe, we can see in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greenland, Scotland, Denmark and Russia, while in the Americas, we can see the northern lights from Canada and the state of Alaska in America.

5. Do I have to sleep at the igloo only to see it?

Photo via:  Travel – Kapook

There’s no need to sleep at igloo alone. Because where you sleep in Iceland you can see the northern lights, but don’t forget that to see the northern lights Must depend only on the weather and solar winds that pass through the world If that day happens, the accommodation we choose is cloudy. Was unable to see the northern lights But if that day our accommodation is open to the sky Meaning the sky is very clear, without clouds at all And then predicted that the solar wind was blowing past Then have the right to see the northern lights

6. If taking old people and children with them, will they be able to hunt for the northern lights?

Of course, it can be taken if your family doesn’t have health problems, such as having to sit, share views, or have a baby. Because traveling to Iceland is quite an adventure And there are quite a lot of different time periods between day and night. While traveling, there may be problems with adaptation to the weather. Due to the cold weather in Iceland Choosing the right period should choose the beginning of October or the end of March. Because it’s not very cold During the day and night the weather will be more normal. Therefore makes it easier to adjust

7. What if I want to capture the northern lights?

The northern lights are not able to capture images from handheld cameras or cameras from tablets. There should be a DSLR camera as well. But the price doesn’t have to be very expensive. Using a DSLR camera will enable us to see the northern lights more clearly But don’t forget to open the shutter for 5-30 seconds and open the ISO 1600 or higher, because it will capture the northern lights with more beautiful colors than our eyes can see.

Photo via:  Livingit

Northern lights photography can not be taken as VDO. If we want movies, they have to be taken in a shot and then stitched together into motion pictures instead. And another thing that is most important when going to hunt for the northern lights is Must be far from the city with a lot of light. Because the light is something that prevents us from seeing the northern light And allowing us to capture the beautiful northern lights as intended The northern lights hunt should be in the dark with no lights from the city to disturb. Then before preparing the body and preparing the mind Because we don’t know when we will see And if that day had a chance to see We may have to sleep deprived for a long time.