Jun 27, 2016


First of all, must understand the climate. And the culture of Europeans first Europe will start from season 4:
1. to Winter – Winter snow
2. to Spring – Cold Spring casual
3. on Summer – Summer is usually hot, but the wind
4. the Autumn – Winter. The autumn leaves are getting cold and rainy
Overall in Europe the weather is cool. And not nearly sunny all year round His buildings must therefore be designed to “Keep warm”, whether using home-building materials, carpeting, using thick and entirely closed windows to prevent cold air from escaping, etc. Are all different from building a house in Thailand That makes every possible way for the home to have the coolest temperature! He is fed up with the cold. Therefore, on a sunny day, you will notice that foreigners will come out for a picnic And walked a lot Most foreigners like heat, like the sun, like to come outside (outdoor) and want to have tan skin. Which is the opposite of most Thai people who like coldness Like to be indoors And I whites
When Thai people travel to Europe during the spring and summer months, they often can’t sleep because the hotel doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s not that the hotel is not famous, so it doesn’t have air. But the size of a famous hotel like Hilton that doesn’t have aircon is found The reason why many hotels do not have air conditioning is because most of the weather in Europe is cold all year round. Therefore he did not see the need to install air conditioning in order to use it only a few times And for Europeans, installing the air conditioner seems to be a waste of money And not environmentally friendly at all Europeans prefer to turn off the heat by turning on the fan, opening the window or going out to play outside. Even though it’s sunny, there is still a cool breeze. But not all hotels in Europe do not have air conditioning, some places have before booking, do not forget to check the details of the room already
The European window, appearance and usage are not quite the same as Thai windows. There will be some additional functions. Let’s see how to use?

1. Close and lock normally:

If you see the handle like this Means the window is closed and locked completely This is safe. Do not be afraid of robbers But if there is no air conditioner, the temperature will be a little too hot And there is no air vent

2. Normally open:

As shown in the picture, we will rotate the handle 90 degrees. Open like this, be careful. If the room is high, it does not matter. But if staying at the lower level, not recommended After waking up, the robbers disappeared. The temperature may be cold for some people. But if it is a hot person, it can be easily opened like this.

. 3. Only open above:

The final type, we will rotate the handle up to 180 degrees. Turning on like this is safe. Because there is only a small hole at the top that the robbers can’t access But this hole is big enough to allow the wind to enter comfortably Personally, I like to open like this the most.

How is the condition With small scales of knowledge that we have come together Going to Europe next time, do not need to endure hot sleep together.