Feb 5, 2018

Chinese New Year In Macao

Tourism in macao Organize parades from around the world. Get lucky. Get a Chinese New Year during the Chinese New Year in Macau.

News reports from Macau Tourism in Thailand revealed that during the Chinese New Year. Upcoming this, Macau has organized a parade. To welcome the screen year on February 18 and February 24 to welcome the new year For the people of Macau and tourists from all over the world to visit Macau            

Aside from the parade to welcome the screen year There are still 25 performances and 9 performances from countries around the world, which use a total of more than 1,000 actors.

For tourists who have the opportunity to visit Macau. During the Chinese New Year Can use the coach service Which the agency has prepared in 5 routes, both in the old town of Macau, Taipa and Loloan