Apr 20, 2016

5 เรื่องที่ต้องรู้ เกี่ยวกับ Airbnb

When talking about Airbnb, many people may already use the service. But many people may still wonder what it is, right?

Airbnb (pronounced “Air BNB” ) is a website for listing accommodation. Have special characteristics like no other Some are homes. Some places are apartments. Or even a luxurious castle. Airbnb is a popular website for travelers who are tired of the routine of hotels. Which doesn’t matter which country you go to The room looks all the same. Make charming And being part of the stomach

Airbnb was founded in 2008 and is so popular among American and European tourists that it can be said to turn the hotel industry. Because of the reasonable price of the room And convenient for booking But there are some things that many people do not know about the website named as

1. Airbnb isn’t always cheaper than a hotel.

Many people may think that Airbnb will definitely be cheaper than a hotel. But not always Because don’t forget that you have to pay 6% -12% (service charge), cleaning fee And the bounty of the guests And another deposit

And Airbnb room rentals in major cities like New York and San Francisco. Taxes must also be added. Airbnb is now working with many major cities around the world. To start collecting tenant taxes Therefore, when calculating numbers The hotel may be a cheaper option.

2. You may be deceived if you contact the host directly. (Fail)

Is Airbnb’s security system that prohibits tenants from contacting the host directly. Contacting via Airbnb is the only way the web can help protect you. And is also the only way that the website will earn revenue Because the host will be deducted percent from the reservation amount.

3. Airbnb never checks the history of tenants and hosts.

Therefore, reading reviews is very necessary. When searching, look for accommodation that has a 5-star review rating and is a verified account. Airbnb verification uses a method for users to scan a passport page. And enter your phone number and email so that there is something happening so you can follow it

4. Airbnb will help you if you feel unsafe.

When you get to your room and find that it’s not like what you see in the picture You can contact the Airbnb customer service staff, who will quickly arrange for a new accommodation.

5. Cancellation policy of each host Completely different

While most hotels allow guests to pay at the time of their stay And guests can cancel Or change the reservation. Unlike Airbnb, the host will collect a deposit in advance And set up a cancellation policy on their own. For example If you cancel before 1 year in advance, you may still have to pay 50% deposit!
Although some fees such as cleaning fees are actually refunded But Airbnb website service fees cannot be refunded. (non-refundable) unless the host will cancel the service by themselves only

Photo via:  www.airbnb.com

To summarize, if you are thinking of booking a room through Airbnb, you should read all the details. And get along with it before deciding to book Because otherwise you may waste money unnecessarily.